“We love and adore Dr. J! She has been such a huge help to us with my son’s sleep, digestive health, and so much more! She is so kind, gentle and attentive to us. We couldn’t ask for a better experience. We are thankful for her.”
Allann R.

“We started seeing Dr. J when our baby was just 6 weeks old. He cried all the time, had terrible gas and reflux. Friends suggested chiropractic care but I hadn’t realized it could help newborns. We decided to try when formulas, reflux medicines, diet and other treatments failed to help.

After that first visit, our little one slept 6 hours at night! He had NEVER done that. The next time we visited, another 6. He stopped crying all the time and his sweet personality began to come out. Babies don’t know about placebo treatments. If they change it’s because it really works. Dr. J helped our colicky baby transform into a happy, joyful, well rested champ. He no longer needed reflux meds or nightly drives through the neighborhood. She was so successful that I saw her to help treat my ankle and then my 13 year old saw her to rehab her own ankle injury. Our whole family loves Dr. J!”

Laura H.

“Jeannique is very professional and thorough in her exams. I love her hands-on approach to adjustments. I was so sore when I came in and felt so much better for a week after only 1 adjustment!”
Samantha D.

“I’ve had severe migraines for many many years so long I don’t know how I lived any kind of life. I’m talking about those migraines that make you feel nauseous, tunnel vision sensitivity to sound and light, brain fog basically affected my life and work. I spent way to much money on doctors, prescription meds, natural remedies, other chiros , etc . etc. Dr J came into my life. In two weeks my migraines turned into headaches, my headaches turned into an annoying dull but manageable pain … then gone. Now it’s so occasional I can live my life. I see her for maintenance and I feel so energetic. Her adjustments are my new healthy habit I will never give up!”
Olivia M.

“I took my 16 month old daughter for her first adjustment and exam. Can’t wait for this to become a regular routine! Dr J was amazing with her. Highly recommend to anyone!”
Leslie H.

“Jeannique is amazing and has been so supportive throughout my pregnancy! My previous pregnancy I was on bedrest and having contractions that caused a premature delivery. This time around, I found Jeannique and the Webster method, which helped to ensure adequate room for the baby, reduce tightness of the ligaments connecting to the uterus, reduce contractions, and allow for an easier pregnancy. I’m so very happy with the results after visiting her practice weekly. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and not suffering from any discomfort. I believe that the Webster technique and the care Jeannique has provided will allow for an easier delivery with this baby. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant and looking to optimize their health and baby’s health, as well as have an easier delivery!”
Jana R.

“Dr. Norbert is an amazing person and an equally amazing doctor! You won’t go wrong by seeing her! She has healing hands!”
Laura K.

“Dr. Jeannique Norbert has never delivered less than exceptional care to me. I have been a patient of hers for over 2 years now and I recommend her to all of my family and friends.”
Sam P.

“Great place for your chiropractic needs! Very personable/ professional, caring and knowledgeable. Scheduled a last minute appointment and was seen right away. The best part of this appointment was that Dr. J listened to me, my concerns and my needs. She explained everything she was doing and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Adjustment went great, some slight yet immediate improvement in my neck range of motion and restrictions in my right shoulder improved.”
Iam K.

“Our 3 month old had terrible reflux and we found out about Dr J through a friend. It was miraculous. She had never slept longer than 3 hours at night and was obviously uncomfortable. After the 2nd adjustment she slept 8 hours perfectly still. The reflux never was an issue again. Our daughter is 18 months old now and we still go regularly because it continues to help with her sleep. She also has never had an ear infection, added bonus! Dr J is the best.”
Rachel E.

“I recommend anyone and everyone looking for a better quality of life for themselves and their family to seek chiropractic care with Dr. Norbert! She’s fantastic! Not only is she knowledgeable about what’s going on with you, but she’s also one of the most caring individuals I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.”
Chelsea G.

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