Chiropractic Technology

Digital X-ray

At Empower Family Chiropractic, we have an on-site state-of-the-art digital X-ray suite to provide a clear view of your spinal health. Furthermore, we refer out to trusted local imaging centers for additional special imaging, such as MRIs or CT scans, as needed.. This allows Dr. J to take a more in-depth, thorough look at your spine on a structural level. Modern chiropractic X-ray technology allows more accurate examination, specific and effective chiropractic care, detection of spinal damage or disease and early referral to other healthcare providers if and when required.

“To see is to know … not to see is to guess.”

Why X-rays?

1. One of the most obvious reasons to use chiropractic X-rays is to find out exactly what your spine looks like. It is impossible to know exactly how your spine has developed and changed over time by feeling and movement alone. If you can actually see a picture of your spine it may also let you better understand your own spinal health.

2. A multitude of information is gained from your chiropractic X-rays that would otherwise have gone undetected. Not only do they tell us about the condition of your spinal bones and joints (presence or absence of degeneration), but also about how your spine is positioned, revealing changes in your spinal curvatures. This information is of utmost importance as it reveals how weight and pressures are being transmitted throughout your spine.

3. Many conditions and changes found on your X-rays can significantly change the type of techniques utilized for your adjustments and/or the amount and duration of your chiropractic care. That’s why X-rays are so important to have, as they can make your chiropractic care far safer and effective.

Based on your history and examination results, Dr. J will be able to determine whether chiropractic X-ray images are required in your case.

Reasons to take X-rays may include:

  • Pain
  • Age
  • Neurological symptoms (radiating pain, etc)
  • Severe restrictions in range of motion
  • Postural abnormalities
  • Previous surgeries in the related area
  • Certain medications
  • Suspected bone or joint pathology

CLA Insight Technology

We use NASA certified technology to assess your central nervous system, locating the origin of neurological stress patterns that your body has adapted to that are affecting your current state of health. We do this in order to deliver the most specific and scientific care possible, knowing that your body will naturally heal more appropriately by simply removing the physical stress from the vertebrae of the spine on the nervous system. With our current technology, we’ll truly be able to track the progress of how your nervous system is being optimized via chiropractic care!

Thermal scan

This is a rolling thermal scanner that uses infrared sensors to take temperature readings. The temperature radiating off of both sides of your spine will be measured. The autonomic nervous system is in control of all automatic functions in your body like breathing, heart rate, digestion, and your skin temperature. These are all functions we don’t have to think about. Research, conducted at Johns Hopkins University, shows that the body temperature on the left and right sides of your spine should be equal. Variations in body temperature from one side of your spine to the other signifies stress on your autonomic nerves and inflammation (Subluxation). Recognizing the level of stress allows us to verify what organs may be affected.
Based on your history and examination results, Dr. J will be able to determine whether chiropractic X-ray images are required in your case.

Surface Electromyelography (SEMG)

SEMG determines the function of your motor nerves. Muscles and movement are controlled by this portion of the nervous system. Specifically, this device measures the amount of electrical activity and energy your muscles that maintain your posture release when they are in use. In other words, how much energy is your nervous system using or wasting in order for you to maintain your upright posture? The amount of muscle spasms, weakness, or fatigue will be measured and this will indicate the amount of stress put on your nervous system. This stress is caused by the vertebral subluxation (misalignments from the vertebrae of the spine). Too much or too little electrical activity in your muscles can cause postural imbalances.Based on your history and examination results, Dr. J will be able to determine whether chiropractic X-ray images are required in your case.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV refers to the beat-to-beat variability of the heart, and provides incredible insight into autonomic nervous system function. Though it may seem counterintuitive, a higher HRV is actually a good thing: it means that there is a greater variability in the time between heart beats so this organ is better able to respond to stress, sickness or physical activity. The more adaptable a patient’s heart, the less damage any stress-related spikes will be for overall health and well-being. With the PWP, chiropractors can establish a baseline HRV for each patient. This provides a concrete starting point to track a patient’s progress as they work toward wellness. It is important to note that with HRV measurements, we are NOT measuring the health of the heart muscle itself (as a cardiologist would measure), but rather the health of the NERVES that make the heart function.

CLA Insight Technology FAQs

Why should I get my nervous system scanned?
​These scans are beneficial in that they recognize abnormal function. X-ray does not pick up on this atypical function in the nervous system. Any subluxation (stress) on your nervous system will be identified on the scan. The scan will show how the subluxation is affecting your organs, glands, muscles, and energy level.
How will I benefit?
Your scans allow us to look deeper from the spine into the function of your nervous system and how well you are adapting to the stressors of your environment (physical, chemical, emotional). By looking deeper, we get a clearer picture to how you are functioning, with a more whole-body perspective.
Will the scan hurt?
No it will not. You will only feel the instrument touching their skin. These scans are radiation-free and are safe for pregnant women, children, and infants.